Natural Pool at The Springs

Idaho City Hot Springs “The Springs” Opens Summer 2012

The Warm Springs Resort in Idaho City, Idaho is Set to Re-Open Summer 2012 as “The Springs”

Warm Springs Resort 1884
Warm Springs Resort January 15, 1884

This is indeed excellent news! It was originally posted on The Springs Website that they would open this winter. However, paying attention to detail has moved the launch to this summer. To be honest, it is really awesome to see The Springs reach-out and involve the community.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been involved with a number of commercial hot springs in the northwest over the years, and was pretty stoked when contacted by the General Manager of The Springs, Wyatt Sharpley, for input and an invite to The Springs prior to opening. Are you kidding? Yes please! How could I resist a backstage pass like that. :) Regardless, I am really looking forward to visiting. This crew definitely seems to have their stuff together.

Classic Warm Springs Resort Photos

Warm Springs Resort  Warm Springs Resort  Warm Springs Resort

From what I’ve learned, The Springs are very interested in hot springer feedback and making sure their geothermal establishment plays an integral role in both Idaho City and Boise communities. In fact, the grand opening has been timed to match-up with Idaho City’s 150th Anniversary. Join the conversation on The Springs Facebook Fan Page.

Quite a few of my hot springs brethren have fond memories and stories of the old Warm Springs Resort in Idaho City. I never had the chance to visit before it went offline. Back in those days, I was traveling a lot and wasn’t too interested in commercial soaks.

There has even been discussion about making The Springs clothing optional, which would make it the first commercial hot springs in Idaho to do just that. The only other clothing optional option in Idaho is a private soak at Miracle Hot Springs, where you can acquire a private pool. Miracle is re-opening on December 15th (this Thursday) with upgraded facilities in the form of new public and private pools.

The Springs Lowdown

Overnight accommodations? Yep. They’ve got two Airstream trailers with future plans for a tree fort, yurt and geodesic dome, which may even be available summer 2012.

Natural pools? You bet. Check out the photo below… you gotta love this, a rare treat for a commercial hot springs dare I say? They took what Gold Fork has done in terms of keeping it natural a step further with this little soaker.

Natural Pool at The Springs
Natural Pool at The Springs

From the Official Press Release

The Springs will be a significant upgrade from the old Warm Springs Resort. The main Olympic size pool remains, but will be resurfaced and more underwater benches will line the deep end for soaking. Next to the deep end of the main pool there will be a 15 foot round hot pool filled the hottest spring water of about 105F. Along with a fire pit, it will help create a winter outdoor space. There will be a cold soak feature and a new kiddie pool and well as a large rock water fountain that will provide a calming background sound.

The new building is one story, with a flat roof, so no matter where you are in the pool you can see the full night sky and watch the stars as you take an evening soak.

The Springs Facility

The modest building is only 2,400 sq. ft. and is constructed using Faswall building blocks, a green building material made of recycled wood fiber and concrete. The thick walls and natural plaster interior finish help create a cozy and warm environment. The building has a large glass wall entry that leads to an open reception area with a wood burning stove. Men’s and Women’s changing rooms offer private lockers, hot springs showers, and small amenities like complimentary hot teas and spring water, large towels and luxury shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer.

“There will be a lot of nice, simple touches that make guests feel well taken care of, but nothing fancy or pretentious.” Said Sharpley. “It’s about being warm and hospitable and exceeding guests’ expectations. When a guest comes here they should not have to worry about anything, least of all having to remember to bring a towel or having a safe convenient place to stash their things.”

The Springs will have a small snack bar and a place to grab a drink.

There are plans for an ongoing summer music concert series and well as live music by the pool. Quarterly celebrations will mark the seasons and create memorable annual events, including a winter festival of lights and a fall harvest festival.

Pricing for The Springs has yet to be finalized.

The Springs Idaho City Full Press Release PDF

The Springs Olympic Sized Pool

Olympic Pool at The Springs

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14 thoughts on “Idaho City Hot Springs “The Springs” Opens Summer 2012

  1. You mentioned that consideration was once for a “clothing optional”…Will it be? We DESPARATELY need something reachable by people who have hiking limitations but enjoy nude soaking. This could be Idaho’s answer to Orvis Hot Springs in CO!!! Please, Please, Please?

    I know that there are other geothermals in the area, if not this one, would the developers consider developing one or two of them and posting them to warn those who would be offended to walk “up” on one?

    Thank you

  2. Where is Twin Springs Resort?

    Any answer on The Springs in Idaho City? I used to live in IC and went to Warm Springs when it was open.

  3. Just search Twin Springs Resort on Google. They have a Facebook page and website that works OK. Either way, one of the best places I’ve ever been. I plan to go back a lot. It’s not letting me link or type a bunch on it for some reason?

  4. There we go. I’m not sure what happened. Anyway, they are 1-2 hours outside of Boise depending on conditions. I would recommend some kind of 4×4 in the winter, as it is 20 miles up a dirt road, and conditions can be iffy. In the spring/summer/fall, it’s no problem and I’ve seen plenty of cars up that road, just be ready for a bumpy hour or so. It’s the only road into Atlanta in the winter, which is why it’s maintained. Speaking of which Atlanta has some really nice public (natural) 4 and 5 star hot springs of their own, but be ready for an all day trip, as it’s 60 miles each way up this same dirt road. Very scenic though.

  5. Anyway, Twin Springs. Basically they have 3 cabins with nice big decks overlooking the Boise river that you can rent. Each one comes with it’s own big, private hot spring tub that you can control temps perfectly, all the way from 90 to 140 degree F in the matter of minutes with the inflow pipe. Also one of 3 hot springs in Idaho with no sulfur content at all in the water, it’s perfect. Full amenities, you just bring your food/drink. They also have a couple additional places off the river that you can rent, also with hot tubs. And best of all a full communal pool/pond, and rock/mud steamhouse built into the side of an underground, with hot water running through the bottom. It’s quite the experience, I highly recommend it, and plan to go back many many times.

  6. Speaking of which, for this Springs Resort in Idaho City, what exact date are they opening? I know they say the 150 anniversary which is this year since they were founded in 1862, but what month/day exactly? Can someone give me the scoop. I want to check this out, day one!

  7. Isn’t Bergdorf (allegedly) clothing optional as well…after dark? It’s commericial.

  8. Does anyone know if there are campsites here? are they open now? Or who to contact for camping or pool reservations?

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