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Quick Update: New Listings, Hot Springs…

Greetings intrepid soak seekers! Now that 2014 is underway I thought it proper to post an update on the latest happenings in the land of the HSG.

I have been momentarily sidelined with a wrist fracture, luckily I can still type, henceforth this post you are reading. Seems the backcountry is still teaching me lessons in respect. Personally, I’d rather break a bone doing something enjoyable, just as long as the pain isn’t too great and the distance to the nearest hospital not too long.

Before They're GoneI spent last week talking with a couple good friends that I admire about their travel efforts. Michael Lanza is the Northwest Editor of Backpacker Magazine, accomplished backcountry everything and an incredible writer to boot. His travel blog is a must-subscribe and his book Before They’re Gone: A Family’s Year-Long Quest to Explore America’s Most Endangered National Parks is a must-read.

David Beatty provides personal guide services in Italy, notably to unique hot springs. Of which, I had no idea existed. Long story short, I discovered that upon helping them I was able to gleam insight into my own interests. Update

New listings for two commercial hot springs in Lava and a listing for Mundo Hot Springs should be live soon along with an update for The Springs Resort in Idaho City. A look and feel update may also go live pending testing.

Other News has new listings and geolocation map functionality active and has new listings up.

Happy Trails! – HSG

Our terrors and our darkness of mind
Must be dispelled then not by sunlight…
But by insight into nature, and a scheme
Of systematic contemplation…


  1. Hey! I miss you! Hope your wrist is healing well and that you are back to posting soon.

  2. Love your site. Been useful over the years as a newbie Idaho soaker. Thanks for everything.

  3. HSG

    July 16 at 3:03 am

    Thanks guys! I hope summer has been treating you well.

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